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Crafting A Nation is a feature length documentary and new media project about how the American craft brewers are rebuilding the economy one beer at a time. 

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Despite the economic downturn currently in America, a new exciting industry is on the rise.  The American Craft Brewers are truly rebuilding the economy from the ground up. They are creating great beer while also creating jobs, tax revenue, and a drive that cannot be stopped for creating a better tomorrow.


This documentary follows several of the key players in the industry as well as many breweries that are only known within their communities. The characters that we follow in this film all display a common thread of creating a product that stands for something while maintaining true to their local roots.

This principal photography was shot nationwide. We have selected different states that represent different sections of the United States: California, Colorado, Texas, Missouri, Delaware, Massachusetts, Minnesota and North Carolina. Each state was selected for a particular purpose. We could not go to all 50 states. 


Crafting A Nation features breweries, small businesses, and individuals that are growing because of the rise in the American craft beer movement. The characters that have been selected for this film are all picked for their passion, and dedication. Our characters are striving to not only create unique and American-made but they are also committed to the improvement of the quality of life despite the odds faced by the economic downturn. 


The Crafting A Nation producing team has spent over a year working on capturing only the highest level of production. The director of photography has been working closely with the cinematographers to push their skills to the next level. The production team has used many different tools to bring capture a visually stimulating representation of America.

Along with the film we are also launching a behind the scenes webisode series on our website.










Meet the Crew


Director and Executive Producer: Thomas Kolicko

Thomas Kolicko has a Bachelors of Arts in Film from The University of Colorado Denver. Thomas got his start in film-making in the snow-sports industry. His interest in learning about film brought him to Colorado from rural New Jersey. While in school, Thomas came up with the idea for Beer Culture the Movie. After the trailer went live, he brought the production crew together to finish the film. Upon releasing Beer Culture the Movie during the summer of 2011, Thomas once again brought the production crew together to discuss taking the story national. There was a unanimous vote amongst the crew to pursue a national version. That was the beginning of Crafting A Nation.






Producer: Deana Macdonald












Producer: Courtney Cobb










Director of Photography: Brendan Harris







Chief Editor: Kevin Demming















Techinical Editor and Cinematographer: Noah Mittman


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