When will the movie be released?

Crafting A Nation will finish production summer of 2012. The actual release date depends on which distribution route we take, or film festivals we get accepted into. We are aiming for January of 2013.



Where are we going for production? 

As of now, we are planning on going to or have already been to: Colorado, California, Oregon, Texas, St. Louis, Missouri and Asheville, North Carolina. We are looking into more destinations but it is all budget dependent. 



What started this whole project? Crafting A Nation spawned from our first documentary, Beer Culture the Movie. After releasing Beer Culture in July of 2011, our biggest criticism was "Why ONLY Colorado?" Within a few weeks the production crew involved with Beer Culture decided that it was time to take on the task of making a national version of Beer Culture the movie. By September we decided on a name, and began working on Crafting A Nation.



What is our favorite beer? 

We do not all agree on ONE favorite, so we are breaking this down individually. Tom: "Doesn't have ONE favorite". Deana: "Ten FIDY from Oskar Blues". Courtney: "This is an impossible questions... so today it is a three-way tie. Upslope's No. 3, Austin Beer Works' Pearl Snap. and Perennial's Heart of Gold." Brendan: "Old Chub! Oh and the Wee Prince from Jester King."



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