We have been given the opportunity to surround ourselves with wonderful people who have lent a helping hand. Below you will see our sponsors. Without these phenomenal companies, we would never have been able to begin Crafting A Nation.

Thanks Guys!







Kickstarter Contributors

Production Campaign Funders 

These individuals contributed a $100 or more to help fund our way through production. We cannot say thank you enough to all of our backers. 

Scott Metzger

Dan Gomez

Stan Treece

John Vavrek

Amy Penrose

Urban Chestnut Brewing Company

Rodney Sedillo

Jesse Green

Jesse Veverka

Tom Portanova

Kim Cullen Cobb

Kate Rowlan

Kevin Lemp

Paul Thomasson

Eric Hildebrandt

Edward T Larkin

Andreas Suter

Shaun O'Sullivan

Mark Deming

Gary Bradhering

Shannon Logan Quan

Robert E. Hennessy

Charles Vallhonrat

Daniek Hicks

Ryan Peters

Kirk Damman





If you are interested in becoming a sponsor click HERE for more information and feel free to contact: Tom@craftinganation.com or Deana@craftinganation.com

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